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Georgia Trendsetta's

Posted by Kevin Neal on January 7, 2017 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

We would like to announce our expansion into the Georgia State. We are looking for good things to come from this new addition. Dewane Roberts has been appointed the President of Georgia Trendsetta's. He has a challenging task ahead, as he builds and grows this addition. He will be looking for good people in the state and great people to hold office positions in the state as well. If you are in the Georgia state, and would like to know more, and possibly help grow this expansion, please contact Dewane Roberts." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Facebook 


Thanks in advance,

Presidents of Trendsetta's

Kevin Neal
Lonnie Neal
Max Dunning

Florida Trendsetta's

Posted by Kevin Neal on March 27, 2016 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We have officially expanded to Florida! 2016 is our first season in the new area and we are looking for good things to come. Check out our" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Florida Trendsetta's on facebook.

Trendsetta's in the Smokies

Posted by Kevin Neal on July 3, 2015 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (1)" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

TAIL OF THE DRAGON AT DEALS GAP, with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America's number one motorcycle and sports car road. The nearby CHEROHALA SKYWAY is quickly becoming number two with its remote 60 miles of scenic mountain highway. The area also has other incredible roads like the MOONSHINER 28, DEVILS TRIANGLE, THE DIAMONDBACK, SIX GAP NORTH GEORGIA, THE SNAKE and GREAT FOREST SERVICE DUAL SPORT RIDING.


Kevin Neal went on this in July of 2014, and states it was the best ride he ever had. Only thing missing was the people he enjoys riding with.


July 3rd - July 6th, 2015 (May make a whole week out of it, we will take a poll on it, so go to the facebook event page to vote)

View map at -" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

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Trendsetta's Run

Posted by Kevin Neal on June 1, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Triple Nickel is the cousin to the Tail of the Dragon, but here in Ohio. Slated as the best road in Ohio. Lots of very challenging twisties. Roads line the crests of rolling hills ... an amusement park for sport and sport touring bikes. NOT a novice road. One should attempt this road with extreme concentration. Road conditions are fast with little traffic.


We are going to do this run, and would like to invite anyone and everyone to come along. We don't have all the details as of yet, but we will post more as we get them. Invite anyone you like to come along as well. It is Southeastern Ohio, most of us already stated we will trailer our bikes down to the beginning of the road, but you may ride down if you like.


We are working on T-Shirts & Hoodies, (Tank Tops for any of you ladies that would like them), when they are done, we will post a link where you can order yours.


We are looking for sponsor's for this run as well, so you if you or someone you know, would like to sponsor this ride, please contact us.


Date & Time not official as of yet!

Check out the Event page on Facebook, go to  

Click here to see the map of the ride......

Columbus, Ohio Chapter

Posted by Trendsetta's on September 22, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)
Columbus, Ohio Chapter
We now have a chapter in Columbus, Ohio. We will be open to those in Central Ohio, looking to join Trendsetta's. If you are in the area, and would like to be a part of Trendsetta's, we are now here.

Thee Wizard Ride

Posted by Trendsetta's on February 15, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (2)

Sponsored By: Need a Sponsor

Thee Wizard Ride 2015

July 18, 2015

Facebook Calendar

We do know that departure time will be at 12:00pm, unless further noted. We would like everyone to arrive early, so that we can socialize and meet with everyone. Add this event to your Facebook Calendar and invite others to come as well.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come participate in this ride with us, keep in mind, use common sense during this ride. This ride is for the enjoyment of the ride. Also, this will be a very tiring ride, so get plenty of sleep, you will need it. President Max Dunning wants to make a lunch and maybe a dinner stop, so make sure you bring money to get something to eat. Make sure you bring enough money for fuel and whatever else you will need on this ride.

If you would like to attend this ride with us, let us know so that we can get a feel of those who would like to go.

Here is the route, we will see if we can post the map on here as well:

Time Mile Instruction For

Summary: 202.8 miles (5 hours, 4 minutes)

  • 10:00 AM 0.0 Depart Ray Mellert Park, 398 Foundry St, Medina, OH 44256 on Foundry St (South) 0.2 mi
  • 10:01 AM 0.2 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Bronson St 43 yds
  • 10:01 AM 0.2 Turn LEFT (South) onto N Medina St 0.2 mi
  • 10:03 AM 0.4 Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-18 [SR-57] 0.5 mi
  • 10:04 AM 0.8 Turn RIGHT (South) onto US-42 [SR-3] 0.3 mi
  • 10:05 AM 1.2 Continue (South) on SR-3 [S Court St] 7.0 mi
  • 10:14 AM 8.2 At I-76 Exit 2, turn LEFT (East) onto I-76 [US-224] 3.3 mi
  • 10:17 AM 11.5 At I-76, Wadsworth, OH 44281, stay on I-76 [US-224] (East) 12.9 mi
  • 10:31 AM 24.4 At I-76 Exit 18/I-277 Exit 1, continue (East) on I-277 [US-224] 3.6 mi
  • 10:36 AM 28.0 At I-77 Exit 122, bear RIGHT (South-East) onto I-77 17.5 mi
  • 10:53 AM 45.5 At I-77 Exit 105, bear LEFT (East) onto SR-172 [Tuscarawas St W] 0.5 mi
  • 10:54 AM 46.0 Continue (East) on SR-172 [SR-172 W] 0.5 mi
  • 10:56 AM 46.4 Turn LEFT (North) onto McKinley Ave NW 0.3 mi
  • 10:57 AM 46.7 At Canton, return South on McKinley Ave NW 0.3 mi
  • 10:59 AM 47.0 Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-172 [SR-172 W] 0.4 mi
  • 11:00 AM 47.4 Turn RIGHT (South) onto US-30 W [SR-43 E] 0.1 mi
  • 11:01 AM 47.5 Continue (South) on Cherry Ave SE 0.7 mi
  • 11:03 AM 48.2 At US-30 Cherry Ave SE Exit, turn LEFT (East) onto US-30 1.3 mi
  • 11:05 AM 49.5 At US-30 SR-43 Exit, bear RIGHT (South-East) onto SR-43 [Waynesburg Dr SE] 1.9 mi
  • 11:08 AM 51.4 Continue (South-East) on SR-43 [Zwallen Way SE] 3.6 mi
  • 11:14 AM 55.0 Bear LEFT (South-East) onto SR-43 [Waynesburg Dr] 1.5 mi
  • 11:17 AM 56.5 At 6304 SR-43, Waynesburg, OH 44688, stay on SR-43 [Waynesburg Dr] (South-East) 2.1 mi
  • 11:21 AM 58.5 Continue (South) on SR-43 [Waynesburg Dr SE] 0.3 mi
  • 11:21 AM 58.9 Continue (South) on SR-43 [Waynesburg Dr] 0.3 mi
  • 11:22 AM 59.1 Continue (South) on SR-183 [Waynesburg Dr] 0.4 mi
  • 11:23 AM 59.6 Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-183 [Mill St] 0.2 mi
  • 11:24 AM 59.8 Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-171 [Lisbon St] 76 yds
  • 11:24 AM 59.8 Continue (East) on SR-171 [E Lisbon St] 0.3 mi
  • 11:24 AM 60.1 Bear RIGHT (East) onto SR-171 [Ross Dr] 0.8 mi
  • 11:26 AM 60.9 Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-171 [Waynesburg Rd] 2.6 mi
  • 11:30 AM 63.5 Bear LEFT (East) onto SR-171 [Waynesburg Rd NW] 6.0 mi
  • 11:41 AM 69.5 Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-43 [Canton Rd] 3.0 mi
  • 11:47 AM 72.6 Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-39 [SR-43] 0.4 mi
  • 11:48 AM 73.0 Continue (East) on SR-9 [SR-39] 0.6 mi
  • 11:49 AM 73.6 Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto SR-9 [SR-43] 4.8 mi
  • 11:58 AM 78.3 Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-43 [Steubenville Rd] 1.2 mi
  • 12:00 PM 79.6 Bear LEFT (North-East) onto SR-43 [CR-12] 0.2 mi
  • 12:00 PM 79.8 Bear RIGHT (East) onto SR-43 [Steubenville Rd] 1.9 mi
  • 12:03 PM 81.6 Bear RIGHT (East) onto SR-43 1.0 mi
  • 12:05 PM 82.6 Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-43 [Steubenville Rd] 3.0 mi
  • 12:10 PM 85.6 At Steubenville Rd, Amsterdam, OH 43903, stay on SR-43 (East) 32 yds
  • 12:10 PM 85.6 Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-43 [SR-164] 0.1 mi
  • 12:11 PM 85.7 Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-164 1.4 mi
  • 12:13 PM 87.2 Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-164 [Cedar Rd] 174 yds
  • 12:13 PM 87.3 Bear LEFT (West) onto SR-164 [Amsterdam Rd SE] 3.5 mi
  • 12:20 PM 90.8 Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-9 [SR-164] 87 yds
  • 12:20 PM 90.8 Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-164 [Amsterdam Rd] 0.4 mi
  • 12:21 PM 91.2 At 3960 SR-164, Scio, OH 43988, stay on SR-164 [Amsterdam Rd] (West) 4.5 mi
  • 12:29 PM 95.7 Bear LEFT (South) onto TWP-486 [Sage Rd] 0.5 mi
  • 12:31 PM 96.2 Bear LEFT (South) onto CR-58 [Cashmere Rd] 0.1 mi
  • 12:32 PM 96.3 Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-332 [Scio Rd] 1.8 mi
  • 12:35 PM 98.1 Continue (South) on SR-332 [Scio Carrollton Rd] 0.7 mi
  • 12:37 PM 98.8 At 91201 SR-332, Scio, OH 43988, stay on SR-332 [Scio Carrollton Rd] (South-West) 0.9 mi
  • 12:39 PM 99.7 Bear LEFT (East) onto SR-151 0.9 mi
  • 12:40 PM 100.5 Continue (East) on SR-151 [Main St] 0.6 mi
  • 12:42 PM 101.1 Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto SR-646 [Main St] 0.2 mi
  • 12:42 PM 101.3 Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-646 [W College St] 0.1 mi
  • 12:42 PM 101.4 Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-646 [Fowler Ave] 142 yds
  • 12:42 PM 101.5 Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-646 [Tappan Scio Rd] 6.2 mi
  • 12:53 PM 107.6 At US-250, Scio, OH 43988, turn RIGHT (North-West) onto US-250 [Cadiz-Dennison Rd] 22.0 mi
  • 1:15 PM 127.6 Refuel before here (last refuel was 127.6 miles ago)
  • 1:18 PM 129.6 At US-250 SR-416 Exit, turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-416 [SR-800] 43 yds
  • 1:18 PM 129.6 At 531 SR-800, New Philadelphia, OH 44663, return South on SR-416 [SR-800] 43 yds
  • 1:19 PM 129.7 At US-250 SR-416 Exit, turn RIGHT (West) onto US-250 1.8 mi
  • 1:21 PM 131.4 At I-77 Exit 81, bear RIGHT (North) onto I-77 [US-250] 2.7 mi
  • 1:24 PM 134.1 At I-77 Exit 83, turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-39 [N Tuscarawas Ave] 0.1 mi
  • 1:25 PM 134.2 Continue (East) on SR-211 [N Tuscarawas Ave] 1.0 mi
  • 1:27 PM 135.2 Bear LEFT (North-East) onto SR-211 [W Front St] 0.2 mi
  • 1:28 PM 135.4 At 3 SR-800, Dover, OH 44622, continue (North-East) on SR-800 [E Front St] 0.5 mi
  • 1:29 PM 136.0 Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto SR-800 [S Johnson Ave] 153 yds
  • 1:29 PM 136.0 Continue (South-East) on SR-800 [East Ave] 0.2 mi
  • 1:30 PM 136.3 Continue (East) on SR-800 0.2 mi
  • 1:30 PM 136.5 Bear RIGHT (East) onto SR-800 [SR-800 NE] 5.8 mi
  • 1:41 PM 142.3 Continue (North-East) on SR-212 [SR-800] 0.4 mi
  • 1:42 PM 142.7 Bear LEFT (North-East) onto SR-800 [SR-800 NE] 1.8 mi
  • 1:46 PM 144.5 Bear LEFT (North) onto SR-800 [High St] 2.1 mi
  • 1:49 PM 146.6 Bear LEFT (North) onto SR-800 [SR-800 NE] 2.1 mi
  • 1:53 PM 148.7 Continue (North) on SR-800 [Cleveland Ave SE] 1.2 mi
  • 1:55 PM 149.9 At 9607 SR-800, Magnolia, OH 44643, stay on SR-800 [Cleveland Ave SE] (North) 4.3 mi
  • 2:02 PM 154.2 Bear RIGHT (North) onto SR-800 [Cleveland Ave SW] 3.2 mi
  • 2:08 PM 157.4 At 2334 SR-800, Canton, OH 44707, stay on SR-800 [Cleveland Ave SW] (North-West) 0.1 mi
  • 2:08 PM 157.5 At I-77 Exit 103, bear RIGHT (North-East) onto I-77 0.1 mi
  • 2:09 PM 157.7 At I-77, Canton, OH 44707, stay on I-77 (North-East) 19.7 mi
  • 2:29 PM 177.3 At I-77 Exit 122, bear LEFT (West) onto I-277 [US-224] 3.6 mi
  • 2:34 PM 181.0 At I-76 Exit 18/I-277 Exit 1, turn RIGHT (North) onto I-76 1.8 mi
  • 2:37 PM 182.7 At I-76 Exit 20/I-77 Exit 129, bear LEFT (North-West) onto I-77 8.0 mi
  • 2:45 PM 190.7 At I-77 Exit 136, turn LEFT (West) onto SR-18 [W Market St] 11.2 mi
  • 3:00 PM 201.9 Turn RIGHT (North) onto US-42 [SR-3] 131 yds
  • 3:00 PM 202.0 Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-18 [SR-57] 0.5 mi
  • 3:02 PM 202.4 Turn RIGHT (North) onto N Medina St 0.2 mi
  • 3:03 PM 202.6 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Bronson St 43 yds
  • 3:03 PM 202.6 Turn LEFT (North) onto Foundry St 0.2 mi
  • 3:04 PM 202.8 Ray Mellert Park, Arrive 398 Foundry St, Medina, OH 44256


Driving distance: 202.8 miles

Total travel time: 5 hours, 4 minutes

Driving time: 5 hours, 4 minutes

Cost: [email protected] $3.50 per gallon @ 40 mpg @ 4.76 gallon fuel tank capacity

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Manuel Motorcycles

Posted by Trendsetta's on September 11, 2011 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Kevin has been in touch with Mark (Owner of Manuel Motorcycles), and he is happy to report that we are still in good standings with him. So if you need any service from this shop, don't hesitate to give them a call. Click on image below to get there information.

Mobile Application

Posted by Trendsetta's on December 28, 2010 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

We now have a mobile application for this site, please go to the website on your mobile phone to view.




Posted by Trendsetta's on December 28, 2010 at 10:17 AM Comments comments (0)

We are now on Twitter, please follow us :)


Posted by Trendsetta's on September 3, 2010 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

We are in need of several positions right now. As we are starting the club back up, we are looking to fill several positions with committed and qualified members. These positions are in need in both places, Columbus and Medina. Click on the Apply link and make sure that you state if you are interested in the position that we are looking for. We will do an telephone interview with you, we need to make sure that you are qualified for the position and that your level of detication is there as well.


Positions Needed:


Web Master


Road Captain


There are more positions that we need to fill as well, just let us know what you are qualified for.